Welcome to MTHF Cure, I hope that this site may serve as an endpoint for many people who have suffered from chronic disease. I have been addressing MTHF issues in my clinical practice since 2009. Since then I have had the chance to see the powerful effects of genetic testing and targeted nutritional therapy based on these results. My journey started when someone very close to me developed fibromyalgia. The chronic pain was becoming debilitating. We tried many different medications, hours of bodywork, dozens of supplements, and prescription medications. It was not until I learned about MTHFR defects and how to treat them that we saw results. The change was rapid, profound, and complete. It was a cure.


Since then I have identified and treated hundreds of people with MTHFR defects. The results are nearly universally positive. It has since become my passion to educate and treat as many people as I can. This site is a natural extension of that desire. Here you will find simple, easy to understand information, step-by-step protocols, access to discount MTHF related supplements, and access to phone or email consultations with myself or my staff.


For all of those seeking relief from fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, OCD, addiction, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and more...I hope your journey ends here.


Be Well,

Sage Wheeler, ND